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NACOB moves to confiscate Nayele’s assets

The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) says it will confiscate all properties of anyone involved in the drugs trade.

The comment comes as the board vows to confiscate every asset belonging to convicted drug courier, Nayele Ametefe.

An Accra High Court has ordered the confiscation of the properties of Nayele who is currently serving an eight-year jail term in the United Kingdom (UK).

According to the Deputy Executive Secretary of NACOB, Richard Nii Lante Blankson who confirmed that Nayele’s Nightingales shop and her Current Account at Fidelity Bank have all been confiscated by the state.

However, he said her houses have not been confiscated as their ownership is still in contention.

According to Mr. Blankson, the state is still in a legal battle with Nayele’s mother especially over the houses at east Legon and in the Ashanti region.

Mr. Blankson said Nayele’s mother has to prove in court with documentation that she acquired the property before Nayele was nabbed with drugs in the UK.

He admitted knowing that drug dealers often use proxy names in acquiring properties but reiterated that once the evidence is made available, that settles the matter regarding a particular property set to be confiscated.

“The ones seized are her [the convict’s] personal properties and her private businesses and from every indication the proceeds are from the drugs trade,” said Mr. Blankson.

He dismissed criticism that the Board is doing that to show government is winning its battle with drugs.

Mr. Blankson said, “Nayele’s property is not the only one we are pursuing, there are other properties we are pursuing except we have not come out publicly to announce it.”

He added that there was a newspaper publication about Edward Macauley, a drug dealer, who had two of his properties at Dansoman similarly seized recently.

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