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NADMO to set up Disaster Task Force, at flood prone areas

The National Disaster Management Organization, NADMO, is to set up disaster task forces, in areas that are flood prone.


This is to prevent a repeat of last year’s June 3 disaster, that claimed the lives of over 150 people, and destroyed property running into tens of thousands of cedis.


According to the Director of Operations of NADMO, Winfred Tayzia, there will always be taskforce members on the field, to educate people on what to do, during this rainy season.


The taskforce will comprise personnel from the Police and other Security Services. Medical Officers, from the Police Hospital and the 37 Military Hospital, will be readily available to offer medical services, to flood victims, who will need their services.


Mr. Tayzia indicated that, NADMO will be proactive, and will not wait for a disaster to occur, before they act.


The Deputy Minister for the Interior, James Agalga, said, the Government is putting measures in place, to prevent a re-occurrence of the June 3 disaster.


Source:radioxyzonline.com/Pomaa Ofosuhene

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