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Nana Quame : Ghanaian Musicians Dying Like Dogs

Highlife musician Nana Quame has lamented how most players in the arts and entertainment industry in Ghana struggle to make ends meet at the later stages of their careers.

Speaking to in an interview, Nana Quame stated that entertainers are dying like dogs in Ghana.

“I hold a British passport which guarantees me good medical care in London but musicians are dying like dogs here in Ghana.

“I was supposed to be one of the richest musicians in this country but our structures are poor… in Ghana, entertainers are dying like dogs. It’s the truth! Some musicians can’t even afford three square meals a day”.

Nana Quame, therefore called for the shutdown of the Musician Union of Ghana [MUSIGA] and the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), adding that the unions have done little to support musicians.

“I think we should close down the various music unions and get private companies to run them as proper businesses, To be honest, this country doesn’t have the solutions, the only thing is to keep making hit tracks.

“I was paid just GHC400 as my royalty for 7 years. We talk too much as a people. We hate the truth and you’re blacklisted for telling the truth as a musician. If you do not make hit songs, no one will invite you for shows. I don’t know how things are going to change with regards to the art industry, to me, MUSIGA should be privatized; things will work better if we do”.

The ‘Atia Donko’ hitmaker however stated that the only person who cared and still cares about musicians who aren’t stars is the CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray.

Source:  radioxyzonline.com

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