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Navrongo Central PPP Candidate Launches Campaign

The Navrongo central parliamentary candidate for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Mrs Susana Agoriba Kubirizegah, has launched her campaign at Navrongo with a commitment to establish a Women’s Enterprise Development Agency to train and support women entrepreneurs in the constituency if she becomes the Member of Parliament.

“I Susan will ensure that these initiatives are implemented to enable you to cater for your children because I am a woman and I know what we go through to bring up our lovely children and keep our families,” the aspirant further stressed.

Social amenities

Mrs Kubirizegah, a banker by profession who hails from Gia in the constituency, bemoaned the inadequate potable water, electricity, poor feeder roads and other social amenities in her community, Gia, Janania, Vunania, Gaani, Bonia, Manyoro, Kwarania, Nayagnia, Saabisi, Gingirigo among other communities.

According to her, “current and previous MPs and governments had played politics with the installation of few electricity poles and supply of power to only those who have money to afford it”.

“The people say they need a sponsorship package to enable them to benefit from adequate poles and accessories, electric cables,high power load and durable transformers to serve their homes with light and entertainment, as well as to increase their respective businesses,” she pointed out.

She noted that the feeder roads,bridges and culverts constructed in the constituency “are either poorly engineered or wrongly positioned, hence the people do not get value for money for those projects executed”.


Mrs Kubirizegah further stated that she would ensure that school infrastructure including classroom blocks, accommodation facilities, dormitories, libraries, toilets, among other facilities, were built with standard building materials.

“I will ensure that all children, including PWDs, are supported with the necessary education materials to attend school from kindergarten to the senior high school level,” she pledged.


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