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NCA Punishes Three Telcos For Poor Coverage

The regulator of Ghana’s telecom industry the National Communications Authority (NCA) has punished three telecom operators for providing poor quality services in the Ashanti Region in March , 2016.

The NCA in its latest 3G Coverage Assessment of Cellular Mobile Services  report in the Ashanti Region reveled that it has sanctioned Vodafone Tigo and Glo ‘for failing to maintain 3G coverage’ in a number of towns in the Ashanti region.

The three have also been given up to August, 2016, to improve their 3G coverage in some localities in the region.

All operators were tested except Expresso due to technical challenges.

According to the NCA the tests are carried out ‘in pursuance of the 3G Cellular Mobile Licence obligations of Telecommunication Operators, the consumer experience of the 3G Coverage status is tested to ensure that Operators comply with the 3G Coverage obligations to the user’.

It is unclear what kind of sanctions the three received since the NCA never publicly reveals its level of punishment.

According to the report all operators except MTN failed to meet the 3G coverage obligation in all the District Capitals tested in the Ashanti Region.

NCA Sanctions

The NCA in the report clarified that Vodafone was sanctioned for failing to maintain 3G coverage at Foase, while Tigo has been directed to extend 3G coverage to Agogo by December, 2016.

Tigo was granted moratorium to cover Asiwa, Foase and Mankranso before 1st April, 2016 while Tigo was sanctioned for failing to maintain 3G coverage at Manso Nkwanta.

According to the NCA, Airtel has been sanctioned in its previous assessment for failing to cover the failed District Capitals and is not liable to an additional penalty as per Clause 6.4 of Annex A of the 3G licence.

Glo was sanctioned for failing to maintain 3G coverage at Agona, Akumadan, Ejura, Foase, Mankranso, Manso Nkwanta, Nkawie, Nyinahin and Tepa.

Glo has been granted moratorium till December, 2016 to cover Asiwa, Bekwai, Fomena, Jacobu, Kumawu and Nkawie.

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