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NCCE Organises Focus Group Discussion

The Upper Manya Krobo District of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has  organised a focus group discussion at Asesewa for Youth Activist of political parties and opinion leaders to promote non-violence in the upcoming general elections.

Forty youth activists and opinion leaders took part in the discussions.


The objectives of the programme is for a peaceful 2016 Elections and seeks further to sensitise the youth activist to their roles towards ensuring peaceful elections in 2016, engage the youth and identify their concerns about elections, solicit commitment of the activists towards ensuring peaceful elections and make the use of violence to resolve political differences unattractive.

The District Police Commander, Supt. Stephen Kofi Ahiatafu highlighted extensively the relevance of maintaining peace in Ghana before, during and after 2016 Elections. He said all political party youth activists in the Upper Manya Krobo District must comply with the Public Order Act-1994 to ensure peaceful elections.

Supt Ahiatafu had some strong words for the youth: “The police will act very strictly without any pardon to anyone so any person or group who want violence to engulf Ghana must reconsider thoughts”, he said.

He disclosed that there would be everyday policing to ensure peaceful election before, during and after the elections and emphasised that; “this election stands to deepen our democratic credentials”.

The programme was organised in collaboration with the Election Commission (EC) and the National Peace council (NPC) as part of efforts to deal with constituencies identified as flashpoints to create the necessary environment for open, transparent and peaceful Elections.

Preach peace

The Eastern Regional Director of the NCCE, Mr. Alex Sackey tasked discussants to preach peace wherever they found themselves to ensure peace for the elections.

He said discussants must be equipped with key knowledge and skills on non-violence to help them to participate in both effectively and ethically in the electoral process.

He also spoke on code of conduct for political parties and the Directive Principles of State Policy.

“As youth activists lets impart the knowledge and skills on non-violence to others to ensure peaceful elections” he said.

The District Director of NCCE Mr. Daniel Amoako added that, the workshop is to help disseminate the knowledge and skills at various political party meetings.

Mr. Amoako urged participants to desist from accepting items such as money, mobile phones and alcohol from politicians to create violence during electoral process.

The European Union Representative Mr. Patrick Nelson Asare reechoed the need for Political Parties to unite and maintain peace before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

There was a documentary on the consequences of violence during Elections.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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