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NDC National Treasurer denies sponsoring SRC President

The National Treasurer of The National Democratic Congress, Ahmed Abdellah Ahmed, has denied his involvement, and that of his Party, in sponsoring one Theophilus Saki Sosi, an aspiring SRC President of The University of Cape Coast.

The National Treasurer and his Party, were purported to have sponsored the said beneficiary to the tune of Thirty Thousand Ghana Cedis. Political infiltration in students’ politics has always been the cause of gross misunderstanding, between opposing parties, and sometimes leading to unwarranted litigations.

However, politicians, hide behind certain faces to sponsor candidates, who are perceived to have fallen in line, with their political ideology. In the case of The National Treasurer of the NDC, Ahmed Abdellah Ahmed, he denied knowledge of sponsoring an SRC Candidate of The University Of Cape Coast, to the tune of Thirty Thousand Cedis (30,000).

According to him, the regulations of his Party, The NDC, restrict him from signing letters that go outside the corridors of his Party. Advancing his stance, Mr. Abdellah Ahmed pointed out that, people could use the computer to do unimaginable things just to damage others. “Due to the high rate of computer literacy, anyone can do this, to tarnish his image”.

Meanwhile, the Former President of the National Union of Ghana Students, and The Ghana Union of Professional Students, Anthony Abotsi Afriyie, in an interview with Ibrahim Obeng Mensah, acknowledged the fact that, politicians will do their best to influence such Unions, in order to have their way out. He however, stated that, the onus lies on the Students’ Body to stand firm and reject any politician who , tries to influence them with money for votes.

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