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Ningo chiefs vow to frustrate Sam George’s parliamentary bid

The NDC Parliamentary nominee for the Ningo Prampram Constituency, Sam George, is set to face the biggest challenge yet in his quest to lead the constituency as the traditional rulers in the area have vowed to make campaigning extremely difficult for him.

The young aspirant has angered the traditional rulers after he reportedly described the Ningo chief as lawless.

His comment was in reaction to the decision by the Mankralo of the Ningo Traditional Area Nene Kanor Atiapah III, who protested the installation of new ECG prepaid meters.

The comments have angered the traditional rulers who say they will take a decision that could thwart his political ambition.

Jonathan Atiapah, who is a brother of the Mankralo wondered why Sam George, who is only a parliamentary nominee waded into the issue without allowing the incumbent Member of Parliament, E.T Mensah and the District Chief Executive to deal with the problem.

“Every indigene of the Ningo Traditional area is very upset. Very upset with Sam George’s comment because they don’t think that it is Sam George who must respond to this kind of situation. He is just a parliamentary nominee. We have a sitting MP, E.T Mensah right there in Parliament . We have a district chief executive and Sam George is just a nominee and the way and manner he went on radio to castigate the traditional leaders, the chiefs of the area are very angry with him. “

Mr. Atiapah said the traditional leaders in the area will soon meet to decide on the appropriate sanctions to be given to Sam George.

“The chiefs are planning to organize a traditional council meeting and they will make it extremely difficult for him to hold any political campaign in the area. The chief are going to meet and take a firm decision and everybody will hear about it when the decision is taken. It will be extremely difficult for Sam George who is just a parliamentary nominee to conduct any political campaign in the Ningo Prampram area.”

Sam George suspended for misconduct

The decision taken by these chiefs may somewhat deepen the woes of Sam George who is already serving a suspension by the NDC for misconduct.

Mr. George, in one of the fiercest political contest during the NDC’s primary held on November 22 last year, beat stiff competition from the incumbent MP, Enoch Teye-Mensah. The two accused each other of scheming to rig the polls.

The verbal exchanges turned physical with Mr. George allegedly receiving a punch in the eye from an aide to Mr. E.T. Mensah.

His suspension took effect from December 1, 2015.

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