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No more non-bailable offences

Suspects held in connection with alleged rape, murder or narcotics-related offences can, henceforth, exercise their right to be admitted to bail following a ruling to that effect by Ghana’s Supreme Court on Thursday May 5.

By a 5-2 majority decision, the apex court ruled that Section 96(7) of Act 30, the six decade-old law, which barred such offenders from getting access to bail, was unconstitutional.

The decision was delivered by the court in connection with a suit filed by private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu.

In his 16 February, 2015 suit, Mr Kpebu prayed the court to declare that Section 96(7) of the Criminal Procedure and Juvenile Justice Act was unconstitutional.

The ruling is expected to be hailed by many human rights activists and lawyers who have always opposed the non-bailable offences law. One prominent Ghanaian who has vehemently spoken against that law after being caught in its claws a year ago is showbiz icon Kwasi Kyei Darkwa.

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