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No Paramount Chief in Sovie-Torgbui Osei Tutu Brempong III

The President of the Akpini Traditional Council in the Volta Region, Togbui Osei Tutu Brempong III, says, there is currently no paramount Chief at Sovie in The Kpando Municipality.

According to him, The Council made up of some Chiefs in the Northern Volta, do not recognize anyone as Paramount Chief of the Sovie Traditional Area.

Togbui Osei Tutu Brempong III , also The Paramount Chief of Wusuta Traditional Council, made this known to Journalists in an interview at kpando. He stressed that neither Mr. George Prika nor Felix Todetse is recognized as Paramount Chief of Sovie Area by the Traditional Council and the Volta Regional House of Chiefs.

He added that none of the two could be addressed as such, until the resolution of the case before The Regional House Of Chiefs. He admitted that, there are two factions in Sovie with claims and counter claims of legitimacy, which the Regional House Of Chiefs is adjudicating.

Although he did not specify the claims, our Investigations have revealed that, one side is claiming that although George Prika is from the Royal family, he was installed without The Royal Stool’s approval and by an albino, which is against their customs and traditions.

It is alleged that, the father in possession of the stool, had asked that he be re- installed properly, but his faction, led by Gyangbo Kodjo, the albino, refused. After trying to resolve the issue amicably, for 8 years, without a resolution they had no option but to install Felix Todetse, who is also a member of the royal family as the Paramount Chief.

But the Prika faction also believes their installation was properly done. Therefore, it is legitimate. Touching on the murder case at Sovie, Togbui called for calmness in the area. One Mr Fabian Mensah was murdered on April 4, 2016 at Sovie.

Togbui said, The Traditional Council had called both parties and cautioned them. He, however, admitted that, the Kpando Police District Commander had said that, the preliminary investigations classified the case as murder and not as a result of the chieftaincy dispute, as one side would have them believe.

Togbui Osei Tutu Brempong III, expressed confidence in the ability of The Kpando Police and said, they should be allowed to do their work. Asked whether it was right for the Police to arrest a Paramount Chief, Togbui Osei tutu Brempomg III, said that, no one is above the law.

He said that he believes, that even if the President Mahama, is accused of murder the police will do their work. He, restated that, the accused is not yet recognized by the Akpini Traditional Council or the Regional House of Chiefs, as one of them.

Source:radioxyzonline.com/Francis Edzorna Mensah

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