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NPP Activist To Contest Subin Seat As An Independent Candidate

A staunch New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist, Kwabena Owusu, has entered the fray to contest the Subin seat as an independent candidate.

Mr Owusu, who is a printer and businessman, uses ‘Galbahum’, known in local parlance as “Prekese”, as his symbol with the slogan “People’s Friend. ‘Scent Noo, Scent No Agye Bebia”. On his posters on walls and utility poles at various spots in the constituency in Kumasi, one can read: Man of Peace, Dynamic, Hardworking and Creating Jobs for the people”, as his motto.

Speaking to radioxyzonline in his office at Asem, Mr Owusu, who is popularly referred to as ‘Honourable Alos’ by the constituents, said he was approached by people in the community, especially the youth, that they needed him to provide the required leadership.

Mr Owusu will be locking horns with Eugene Boakye-Antwi, the NPP’s candidate, Owusu Ababio of the NDC, and Daniel Teiko of the PPP.


Mr Owusu explained that over the years, he had assisted numerous people to be educated and employed and had facilitated the apprenticeship of others, while he had helped others to gain access to spaces to put up shops to practise legitimate businesses, all with his meagre resources and social connections.

He added that he had also assisted drivers to have a secure and protected area as either their resting spot or loading bay, all as part of measures to ensure that people within the constituency have a better life.


Mr Owusu said he acceded to the call by the people to contest the position because he felt that the political leadership of the people had failed woefully, since the constituency did not need new roads, new schools, water or health facilities because the area was already developed.

He wondered what the political leaders had been doing for the people after they had stood in the scorching sun to vote for them only for them to enjoy their positions and return only when they needed the votes of the people.

“All that the people need is assistance to continue their education, small capital to start a trade, support to gain employment so that they would not be sitting at the drinking spot from morning till evening while the ladies resort to all sorts of anti-social vices to earn a living,” he said.


Honourable Alos did not deny the fact that he was a staunch New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist who campaigned for S. K. Boafo, a former MP for the area, and had played various roles in the affairs of the NPP but insisted that he was just responding to the call of the people.

He stated that some leading members of the party had urged him not to stand but he believed that it would be a stab in the back if he turned his back on the people who had urged him to provide them with leadership.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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