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NPP: Attivor must apologise for tribal comments

The opposition New Patriotic Party has called on former Transport minister Dzifa Attivor to apologise for her tribal comments suggesting that the party has a penchant for jailing politicians from the Volta region.

A statement signed by the communications director of the party Nana Akomea said it is falsehood for anybody to suggest that the party targeted any ethnic group while in power.

“It is difficult to believe a former Minister of State will speak like this. Goverments or political parties do not jail people. Government may initiate criminal prosecution. It is only the Judiciary that can impose jail sentences.
It is strange that Dzifa Attivor a former Minister of State, doesn’t know this!

The NPP government did ALSO initiate criminal prosecution against Konadu Rawlings and Kwame Peprah (Ashantis ), lbrahim Adams (Northerner) Shirley Ayittey (Ga), Sipa Yankey ( Nzema) etc and even prosecuted a member of the NPP government – Malam Issah ( Northerner),” the statement noted.

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