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NPP Bantama MP Withdraws Independent Candidacy

The incumbent Member of Parliament for Bantama constituency in Kumasi, Mr Henry Kwabena Kokofu has backtracked on his decision to contest the seat as an independent candidate.

He has subsequently asked the Electoral Commission to cancel his nomination as he was withdrawing from the race.

Mr Kokofu last week filed to contest the seat as an independent candidate to the surprise of many and subsequently travelled to Germany.

NPP Party members as well as the media only got to know about Mr Kokoku’s intentions at the end of the filing of nominations on Friday when his name was seen among the five parliamentary aspirants who had filed for the contest.

He has publicly declined to explain his reasons for the move except to say that it was a tactical move.

Mr Kokofu was rejected by the NPP stronghold delegates at the parliamentary primary last year as new entrant Daniel Aboagye beat him in the contest.

Mr Kokofu polled 225, while Mr Aboagye polled 289 votes.

Rumour has since been rife in Kumasi that Mr Aboagye holds a dual citizenship which may be dire for the party should the matter come up.

The new entrant Mr Aboagye was said to have won the primary against Mr Kokofu after allegedly enticing NPP delegates with vehicles and cash.

Apart from the allegations of dual citizenship against Mr Aoagye, there are concerns that he was not popularly and known in the constituency.

Mr Kokofu explaining his decision to withdraw as an independent candidate on Monday morning said his move was not because he was “bitter” about the manner he lost the primary but it was purely a tactical move.

Some have suggested that, should Mr Aboagye be disqualified the NPP would not have any candidate in the race, hence Mr Kokofu’s move.

Speaking in a radio interview from his Cologne base in Germany Monday morning, Mr Kokofu said his decision to withdraw as independent candidate followed extensive discussions with NPP leaders in the last three days.

He therefore apologised for the move and asked party supporters to put their weight behind Mr Aboagye and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the December polls.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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