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NPP : Mahama Has Made Ghana Broke

The Director of Policy of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Boakye Agyarko, has painted a ghastly picture of the economy under the presidency of John Mahama, saying “Ghana is broke.”

Speaking Monday at a press conference in Accra to analyse the 2016 National Democratic Congress Manifesto, he said this is as a result of the NDC’s eight years incompetence in managing the economy.

He said the “Transforming Ghana, Changing Lives” slogan of the NDC is nothing but a scam. The slogan should rather read “Deforming Ghana, Deforming Lives,” he added.

He said the story of Ghanaians is the same since 2009 when the NDC assumed leadership of the country, saying the President’s “Better Ghana agenda” is only for his immediate relations and friends.

It is nothing more than lies, he argued.

He said the NDC’s claims in its manifesto that it has distributed 100 million exercise books are palpable falsehood and that it can only be a “figment of the imagination of the NDC.”

“A government that puts people first is one that is competent and implement promises that makes life better for all, not the one that takes away from the people. It is evident John Mahama cannot be trusted to put people first. It is rather a government that puts corruption first,” added Mr Agyarko.

He thus called on Ghanaians to consider the “threat to their livelihood with another four years of John Dramani Mahama.” He said the NDC has nothing new to offer as its manifesto is a recipe for failure.


Source:  radioxyzonline.com


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