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N/R: Dwarfs invade Yunyoo

Strange creatures, believed to be dwarfs, have invaded about three communities in the Yunyoo constituency of the Northern region and are causing fear among residents of the area.

Residents of these communities; Gbungbani, Gbingbinlachet and Ginting have claimed these midget spiritual creatures also live in caves and on trees and appear in the night and late afternoons at quiet areas.

According to the locals, the creatures are like human beings but with intimidating and disproportionate body height and long hairs covering their faces.

An eyewitness visited the communities and reports that the villagers could no longer stay on their farms for long because the creatures make mysterious sounds in the afternoons and stalk them when they are leaving their farms at night. The Residents say the invincible creatures scream their names, striking intense fear and panic within them.

Confirming the bizarre incident to Starr News, the Member of Parliament for the Yunyoo constituency, Joseph Bipoba Naabu, said the creatures are harmless and had lived with the people for many years until the year 2000 when they strangely disappeared due to a bridge construction by government to link the area to Chereponi.

Sharing his experience, the MP said he once attempted to shoot at one of them when it stalked him.

“One day I also went with some people to see things for myself. When I got to a point, my head became very big and I realised that somebody was behind me and in front of me calling my name so I wanted to shoot and my people said I shouldn’t shoot.

“Then I heard a voice that ‘look my friend Joseph if you attempt to shoot me you will see where you would be’ the voice came out but I didn’t see the fellow”.

He said the return of the dwarfs is an indication that the place has been made homely again for their existence and pleaded with the residents to live in peace with them.

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