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Nunoo Mensah Dismisses GOC’s Claims

The president of the Ghana Weightlifting Federation (GWF), Ben Nunoo Mensah, has dismissed claims by the leadership of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) that it had not breached the constitution of the committee by not holding an electoral congress immediately after the Rio Olympiad.

He said the issue about holding electoral congress immediately after the Rio Olympics or not vis-a-vis the tenure of the current Prof Dodoo-led administration had nothing to do with the GOC constitution but rather a resolution passed by the general assembly on November 3, 2015, to extend the mandate of the leadership of Prof. Dodoo.

“Constitutionally, the term of Prof Francis Dodoo ended on October 29, 2015, but considering the timing of the Rio Olympics which would not allow for enough preparations for our athletes if a new board should take over, the general assembly decided to pass a resolution to keep Prof Dodoo’s team in office with the spirit that they hold an electoral congress immediately after the Rio Olympiad,” Mr Nunoo Mensah told the Daily Graphic  yesterday.

Explaining further, the GWF president said, “there is a spirit behind every legal document and that the current leadership of the GOC is well aware of the spirit behind the passing of the resolution which posited that there must be an electoral congress immediately after the the Rio Olympiad.”

He, however, acknowledged that the resolution was not specific on the exact day and the date the electoral congress must be held. But “if in the view of Prof Francis Dodoo and his team the general assembly which passed the resolution were not smart enough to have specified when the said congress must he held, then I leave that to their conscience.”

He stressed the need to continuously keep people in leadership on their toes to act appropriately and also to maintain standards, adding that “it is unfortunate that when you want things to be done right, you are tagged as doing that because you have an interest.”

Dr Dodoo, alluded at a press conference last Thursday that they had up to the end of April next year to hold congress but that claim has not gone down well with some heads of the various sports federations.


Source: radioxyzonline.com


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