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Nurses: Govt unconcerned about health training

The Ghana Registered Nurses Association has accussed government of doing little to deal with the challenges in the health training system.

According to the association, the indifferent nature of government towards the training system has led to upheavals among trainee nurses, who have given government an ultimatum to address their concerns or face their wrath.

The training nurses are objecting to the withdrawal of their allowances, hikes in tuition fees and high utility fees.

Trainee nurses provide 40 percent of the total health care delivery in Ghana but they claim to be victims of continued discrimination.

The President of the registered nurses association Kwaku Asante Krobea told XYZ News government must show some seriousness towards addressing the challenges confronting health training in the country.

“Govt should reexamine the way and manner the programs are structured in the health training institution. I don’t think it is right for them to continue to sing the slogan that government does not have money when it has to do with trainee nurses.

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