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Ogochukwu Nweke: Marriage Clinic – Eps#3 LIFE AND REALITIES IN RELATIONSHIP

– Long distant relationships
– A non-resident husband
– A wife that is always on the move
– A polygamous relationship
– Embracing and treating a child or children who are not from your loins or your womb like you would your own because they are from your spouse
– A terminally ill spouse
– A spouse that is a military personnel, an entertainer, a sportsperson, a politician, a missionary, a doctor…
– A husband who is unable to give seed or a wife who is unable to take seed
– Being married to “mama’s boy” or “daddy’s girl”
– Indifferent husbands, quarrelsome wives
– Making the choice to be in a relationship with the wrong person because of the perceived challenges of being in a relationship with the right person…


These are ‪#‎realities‬ that bring about unbearable ‪#‎frustrations‬ in our relationships. These frustrations happen usually, because we busy ourselves with fantasizing about change, instead of preparing ourselves for the consequences of our choices and the implications of our realities.


Have you ever thought about the realities which come along with being in the kind of relationship you are in? Have you thought about the conflicts and controversies that will arise out of the kind of relationship you have chosen to be in? Are you ready for them?


Always remember, that your relationship will work if you want it to work. And there are things you must do (and things you must not do) if you really want your relationship to work. Your realities should not only sharpen your expectations, they should also inspire your prayers.


Ogochukwu Nweke is a prominent author, public speaker, counselor and lecturer. He has written many books on love and relationships. Ask Ogo your relationship questions and you shall have the best of answers from a man well versed in the subject.

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