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Ogochukwu Nweke: The Marriage Clinic

The most successful marriages have been those had by people who were willing to bend over; who refused to be bitter and unforgiving even when they had every justification to be; who were willing to make the appropriate measure of sacrifice.

The most successful marriages, have been those had by foolish people, who were unrealistic and unpractical; complete idealists who were foolish enough to follow God’s way. They are women who refused to give up on their marriages because of another woman; they are men who agreed to trust their wives even though it was clear that there was no reason to.

Successful marriages happen everyday and they are everywhere. It however cannot be achieved by those who are too smart and unwilling to go the whole nine yards… Only ‪#‎FOOLS‬ can have a successful marriage.

Most relationships fail, not because they were not meant to be, but because people are unwilling to stay committed to actions that can keep their relationships together, like:

– forgive,
– let it go,
– there is a right time to confront issues,
– cancel that trip,
– must you wear that?,
– you won’t die if you don’t hang out with those kind of friends,
– I understand that this and that are the implications of being in a relationship with someone like you,
– I can pay you back in your own coin but I’d rather not because I love you,
– I must live with the consequences of the choice(s) I made,
– my kids don’t have to shuttle between my spouse and I as though it’s as normal as a church service,
– I don’t have to talk to her like that,
– I don’t have to act like he doesn’t care merely because of his mistakes,

We’ll be able to understand why the people we love behave the way they do and the struggles they are dealing with, if we know about their childhood and upbringing.

Ogochukwu Nweke is a prominent author, public speaker, counselor and lecturer. He has written many books on love and relationships. Ask Ogo your relationship questions and you shall have the best of answers from a man well versed in the subject. Don’t miss any edition of the MARRIAGE CLINIC on the last Saturday of every Month.
The venue is SSNIT Guest House and the time is from 3pm-6:30pm. Do it for you and yours…

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