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Open letter to the Prez John Dramani Mahama

Dear Mr President, these are my personal observations from a layman’s point of view.

“Things fall Apart” is a book I came across way back in my senior high school days. The title reminds me of the situation we found ourselves in under the various successive governments in Ghana, which persists currently.

Mr President, I have also taken a little time from my schedule to brainstorm on the pleas of the average Ghanaian and how far we have come as a nation. I have realised that all the successive presidents tried to make Ghana “a paradise” on earth so that we can all enjoy living in the country.

Mr President, I say ‘thank you to previous Presidents and yourself for doing great things for mother Ghana. However, Mr President, now, things are falling apart! I am just praying that the centre, at least, should hold for us.

Charles Darwin espoused in his evolution work that “The most well adapted individuals are more likely to survive.”

Mr President, from that quotation, it is evident that the parochially rich people are the only ones surviving currently. The poor graduates, teachers, masons and other professionals are unable to make it, despite their efforts to do so.

This is due to the manipulation of the system from ‘above’. Mr President, we are suffering,! I will say you are doing well but things are not easy for us as average Ghanaians.

Mr President, Africa needs a revolution to overthrow the infliction of pain, hunger and suffering on the citizens. Our problems are rooted in leadership crises, mismanagement, corruption and laziness displayed by leaders and their followers. Mr President, My heart weeps for Ghana; things aren’t the same any more. The average Ghanaian is suffering. The rich continue to enjoy and the poor continue to suffer.

Mr President, governance isn’t easy. Satisfying all people in the country is a challenge, which I think is not possible. But the prices of goods are skyrocketing. This is due to ‘economic squeeze’ and also the citizens themselves who increase prices just to enrich themselves.

Despite our belief in the use of the demand and supply concept to control prices, little has been achieved.

Mr President, I would like you to take a second look at the appointment of the ministers who work for you.

I see governance as a ‘system’ and as a system, there are various parts which I will call ‘institutions’. Each of these parts performs its functions, but depends on one another for achieving one goal. Now if one part fails you or is not functioning, it affects the whole system.

Mr President, just to draw your attention to the situation when transport fares went up the last time. I mean when a gallon of fuel was GHc18. The price of a gallon of fuel dropped from GHc18 to GHc12 but transport fares were not reduced.!

The price of a gallon of fuel was then increased again to a little under GHc16… And transport fares have to be increased…?

Mr President, what country we are living in? Our leaders can do better than this.

Mr President, these are just a few of my observations. I wish you well in government and may the Lord protect and grant you wisdom to lead this nation to its ‘paradise’.

By: Vozbeth K. Azumah

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