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Otabil demands change in “poisonous” Ghanaian environment

Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church has condemned what he says is the suffocating Ghanaian environment that buries the dreams of its people and collapses businesses.

Dr Mensa Otabil said the problem with Ghana is not with its citizens but the “poisonous environment” which eventually makes the citizens bad as well.

The preacher man is incensed by the fact that Ghana is blessed with so much quality in the arts and entertainment, sports and other fields of expertise and yet many of these qualities are only and best exhibited outside the shores of Ghana.

“A person can be so good but if planted in a wrong environment he will be so bad,” he said to an army of young entrepreneurs who had gathered for the grande finale of the 2016 Springboard road show event hosted by Albert and Comfort Ocran.

Dr Otabil in his keynote address said a nation cannot thrive and become great when its systems are fighting its citizens.

Rather than creating a better environment for individuals and businesses to thrive, Dr Otabil expressed shock over the flood of taxes being imposed on Ghanaian businesses.

“You cannot overtax companies and expect business to survive,” he noted. He challenged individuals who are pregnant with dreams and a determination to fulfill those dreams to stay in Ghana and fight for a change in the poisonous environment.

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