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Pastor In Trouble After Lover Dies During Abortion

A pastor identified as Gideon Garba, has been arrested by the police in Kaduna State after a teenage girl he got pregnant died in the process of abortion.

A Nigerian pastor is at his wits ends after he was arrested for the death of his teenage lover.

According to a police report, the erstwhile married pastor, Gideon Garba, was grabbed in Kaduna State after his lover died in the process of an abortion. The teenage girl was apparently impregnated by the pastor who had been dating the girl, identified only as Stella.

Stella is reportedly a daughter of a senior pastor in the church where Ps. Garba had been posted to. Reports indicate that she was a 2nd year Ordinary National Diploma student of the Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic.

When she got pregnant, Pastor Gimba arranged for her to have an abortion and engaged a friend who works in a hospital.

The quack ‘doctor’ was said to have given the girl some drugs to flush out the pregnancy which was already in the third month but when the fetus could not be flushed out, he gave her some local herbs to drink. The herbs was said to have reacted violently leading to the girl bleeding profusely.

Parents of the teenage girl rushed her to a hospital where doctors confirmed that she had taken drugs meant to terminate a pregnancy and proceeded to evacuate her womb but apparently, the damage had been extensive. Before giving up the ghost, Stella allegedly confessed to her parents that it was Pastor Gimba that got her pregnant and took her to the quack doctor for the abortion.

The parents later reported the case to the police and Gimba and his friend were arrested and are now in detention while the police continue with their investigations.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ files yen

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