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Pastor orders women to come to church without bras and panties for Christ to enter

If you think some pastors couldn’t get any wackier, a Kenyan pastor from a Church in Dandora Phase 2, has ordered that all female churchgoers go to the house of God, “without br_as and pa_nties for Christ to enter their lives.”

The pastor, Reverend Njohi of Lord’s Propeller Redemption, held a meeting where he passed a law that banned the wearing of undergarments by female parishioners. He claimed, “that when going to church, people need to be free in body and spirit to receive Christ.”

He also stated that the wearing of undergarments were “ungodly,” and warned that if any member secretly put them on they would face “dire consequences.”

He even went as far as to tell mothers to do the same with their young daughters, telling them to make sure that they check their young female children to ensure that they too attend church without undergarments.

If things couldn’t get any worse, a church member told The Kenyan Daily Post there were a majority of female church members who showed up at church last Sunday without any undergarments on, just as the pastor ordered.

It begs the question, what is going on with pastors across around the world? Far too many of them are using their powers to deceive their congregations, especially since so many people place their trust in them.

Just recently, an Atlanta pastor, Craig Lamar Davis, was found guilty of knowingly exposing a few women in his congregation to the deadly AIDS virus. This pastor was not only sleeping with various women in the church, he was also a married man. He was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Congregations members must wake up and put their faith in God ultimately and not these conniving, scheming pastors whose real motive is self gratification.


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