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Peter Anamoh: Citizenship

Citizenship is the normal commitment of a person who fulfills the entire Constitutional requirements, as a citizen of that Nation. The government needs a good citizen who is law- abiding to achieve a sustainable development for the country. The duty of the police is to enforce laws and create responsibilities for the citizens to obey.

Mr. Peter Anamoh, speaking on Radio XYZ Breakfast Show, today with Kwaku Vander-Pallen said a law abiding citizen makes Governments’ duties and responsibilities easier with the help of The Police.

He stated that, as a good citizen, one must do his/her part and demand for good leadership from Government. Payment of taxes and the maintenance of good sanitation are some responsibilities of a citizen. It is the citizen who votes and empowers government.

The citizen has the utmost power to petition Government when it goes wrong. Citizens have to learn their rights and responsibilities are so as to be well- informed about the Government.

“Back in America, when a citizen does not have a job, it is the duty of the Government to give him/her a job and accommodation,” he stated. He advised that, the Government should adopt such a policy, because it is their responsibility.

He further said that, the physical citizenship is what we see, touch, feel and live and constitute our lives. The Election season is drawing near good citizen should just drop his/her vote and return home immediately. This will ensure a free, fair and peaceful election.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Priscilla Adjetey

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