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Peter Anamoh: Responsibilities As Citizens

Mr. Peter Anamoh, speaking on Radio XYZ Breakfast Show, with Kwaku Vander- Pallen, educated Ghanaians on their responsibilities as citizens, prior to the Up-coming Elections .As  citizens we have to responsibilities to help achieve sustainable development.

He said that, as we go into the season of election, it is the responsibility  a of citizens to defend The constitution of Ghana, so no one can create confusion and bring civil war into the country.

He also stated that, people who try to put the Country into any form of crises, especially this election period, should be reported. It is the responsibility of a citizen to report such people to the right Authorities. This will protect the country from anything untoward.

He further stated that, the Government must educate people, especially illiterates on their right and responsibilities. Many people especially those in the rural areas do certain things because of ignorance. These bring about crises and petty arguments, which do not help sustain the Country.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Priscilla Adjetey

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