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Petroleum Prices Go Up By Between 4 To 7%.

The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana(COPECGH)issued a statement on August 31,2016 predicting that,consumers of fuel will be paying more on fuel,beginning September 1,2016.

According to The Chamber,prices of fuel at the various pumps,are set to go up by between 4 to 7 percent.A visit to some filling stations in the capital indicated that,prices have seen some increases.

Diesel is selling at 3cedis 46 pesewas whiles super is going for 3.67pesewas at Shell.

At GOIL,diesel is being sold at 3.39pesewas whiles super is 3.49pesewas.

Glory Oil filling stations maintained it price at 3.46pesewas for Diesel and Super 3.50pesewas.

Total filling Station,saw some changes in price, Super Effimax,which was previously selling at 4.35 pesewas witnessed an increase selling at 4.51pesewas,Super is now selling at 3.80pesewas whiles Diesel is going for 3.65pesewas.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Selasi Agbagba/Pious Kojo Backah.

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