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Philip Addison wins Klottey Korley polls

Lawyer Philip Addison has been elected parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party in the Klottey Korley constituency.

In a hotly contested election, Saturday, Addison polled 396 to beat his closest contender Nii Noi Nortey who polled 367.

XYZ News’ Edzorna Mensah reports Nortey has left the party’s head quarters as soon as his votes were counted. Addison in his all white apparel exchange pleasantries with delegates present.

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According to XYZ News’ Edzorna Mensah, there were 765 total votes cast with two rejected ballots.

Delegates queued early Saturday morning to anxiously vote for their preferred aspirant. The election was without controversy, at least as compared to the botched August 2, 2015 election which had Nii Noi being declared winner.

Both aspirants were satisfied with the activities surrounding the elections.

Unlike the previous election, Addison said all his supporters found their names in the album and were able to vote.

His contender, Nii Noi Nortey also shared similar sentiments. “So far so good” he said, but said until votes are cast and results declared he would have to be vigilant.

With the results out, it is not clear yet if Nii Noi will hold on to his earlier comments.

Lawyer Addison in an interview with XYZ News’ Edzorna Mensah said “I feel good and it’s a lot, Klottey Korley constituency is a very important constituency and this is the fist step in our march towards wrestling the seat from the NDC. Today I feel vindicated by the results and ready to work with everybody in the party.

“It has been one year of wrangling, insults what have you…now today it is all over. Today is the time to start building bridges and friendships that bring the party together. That starts today.”

Some supporters of the victor could not hold their joy either.

“It is amazing, we have expected this and it is almost one year now so we are very happy,” one told Edzorna Mensah.

He is confident that Mr Addision will lead the NPP to win the seat in the constituency.

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