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Police Stop Anti-DKM Demo

The Ghana Police Service has stopped members of a group calling itself ‘Concerned Customers and Sympathisers of DKM Diamond Microfinance Ltd., God is Love Fun Club, And Other Microfinance Companies’ in the Brong Ahafo Region from going ahead with a planned demonstration against the named microfinance firms.

The group members, whose investments have been locked up in the various firms, scheduled a nationwide demonstration on Saturday 17 September to express their frustration with government for withholding their monies after the companies were involved in financial malfeasance last year.

However, the Sunyani Police Command has secured a court injunction on their planned demonstration explaining that they would have to provide security to the governing National Democratic Congress on that day as it launches its 2016 manifesto.

Spokesperson for the group, Maxwell Mahama, told xyz news the members are seeking advice from their lawyers on how to proceed on this case.

“A copy of the motion and notice has been served on us in connection with an order of injunction preventing us from embarking on the demonstration on Saturday. …We have sent a copy to our lawyers to study it because we believe the police have been very unfair to us because we sent a letter of notification to the police and the police sat with us and we discussed the content of the notification as prepared by the demonstrators. The police agreed on the routes the demonstration was to be embarked upon. For the past five days now the police could not tell us that the NDC are doing their manifesto launch, it is today that they are telling us, two days to the demonstration. We suspect foul play,” he stated.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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