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PPP Rallies Voters For Election Victory

As part of its all- inclusive policy, the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has called on Ghanaians  to join the party to win the December 7 elections to bring good governance and prosperity to the nation.

“The PPP is the alternative  party that is credible and ready to win power and go to the Flagstaff House to form a government,’’ Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom declared at a rally at Kawukudi, near the Accra Girls Secondary School, last Saturday, amid thunderous applause from supporters who were drawn from all parts of the country to the national rally.

Don’t waste your vote

The rally, dubbed ‘Don’t Waste Your Vote’, attracted a number of aspiring parliamentary candidates and party supporters, who were drumming and dancing amidst the sound of vuvuzela.

Dr Nduom explained that voting was not a one-day affair and cautioned, “If the wrong persons are elected it means Ghanaians would have to endure suffering for another four years’’.

He further said every presidential candidate has a given talent and cited Dr Kwame Nkrumah who, during the struggle for independence,  emerged as the activist who achieved political independence for the country.

He said presently the country was at a different crossroad where economic independence was its major  challenge.

Dr Nduom, therefore, urged the electorate to vote into office the PPP that had a tried- and-tested flag bearer who could bring about economic prosperity and economic independence.

Peaceful and decent campaign

He stressed that every vote was important and urged party supporters to move from village to village and door to door to win evey vote for the party on December 7, this year.

Dr Nduom said since July when the party elected its flag bearer and unveiled its policy statement, its supporters had been disciplined and gone about their campaign with decency and in a peaceful manner.

He commended them and urged them to continue to be disciplined even in the face of provocations.

He, therefore, advised the party faithful to preach peace and state what the party had done and was capable of doing for the country.

National party

The running mate of Dr Nduom, Ms Brigitte Dzogbenuku, said there was a vile campaign to tag the PPP as a party which did not have a national character but a party for a group of people from the Central, Volta and Ashanti regions.

She urged Ghanaians to disregard such a vicious campaign, since the PPP was national in character with a soft spot for the affairs and concerns of women and children from all parts of the country.

Ms Dzogbenuku explained that the PPP was the first party in the country to put  the issues of women at the forefront of the national discourse by selecting women for the running mate slot of the party on two occasions.

She explained that it was because the party had come to realise that the family system had collapsed because of the economic crisis, and also indicated that the youth had no jobs which would enable them to save and raise families.

Youth and elderly

Ms Dzogbenuku said the inability of the youth to find jobs and raise good families had a direct link to the economic crisis confronting the nation.

The running mate explained that should the PPP be voted into power, all such downward economic trends would change for the better and young men would have jobs to do to change their situation of hopelessness.

She said the concerns of people of retiring age who were disappointed with government policies would be addressed so that they would not regret to have served the nation.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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