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Pratt: Ministers must stop following Mahama on regional tours

Ace journalist Kwesi Pratt Junior has descended on ministers of state who follow President John Mahama on his ongoing ‘Accounting to the People tour’.

In Pratt’s view, such an exercise is a waste of time and needless.

Several ministers are seen accompanying the President as he visits regions to commission and showcase the various projects his government has undertaken since assuming office. He has so far visited the Western, Central and Eastern regions. There are indications the ‘Accounting to the people tour’ will be done nationwide.

In an interview, the managing editor of the Insight Newspaper said although he is in support of the President’s decision to showcase his achievements, it is unnecessary for the various ministers to be following him up.

“This practice where all the ministers abandon their offices and follow the President on the tour must stop. It is needless and I am against it. This one ‘logo logo’ line of everybody following the president is a waste of time. While the president is going round, others could be elsewhere explaining government policies,” he fumed.

However, communications minister Dr. Edward Omane Boamah who was also on the show said the presence of the ministers are needed on the tour in specific situations where they hold or lead policy direction regarding some projects being visited by the president.

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