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Prof. Ablade Glover: Fine Arts is an Eye Opener

A retired Professor of Fine Arts and Dean of College of Arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Professor Ablade Glover said Fine Arts changed his view of life. He said going to Arts is something he has never regretted since it helped him have a different view of people and appreciate them.

He explained that people tend to neglect the environment but arts education helps one to enjoy the world because it opens one’s eyes to things. “Arts education really gets you to open your eyes. Look at the environment, we turn to ignore the environment. We get up in the morning, we dress up and go to work and we are not quite aware of the beautiful things around us.” He believed Fine Arts is an avenue for creating jobs and attention should be paid to it. “The amazing thing for me, I see now artist are coming out of school and they are not seeking for jobs in banks, in teaching, wherever. They are going to galleries to work. They are making a living. They are not writing application letters for somebody to employ them” he indicated.

According to Prof. Ablade Glover, Ghana is blessed with great artist and even the naïve artistes are doing well as well as the professional ones. Professor Glover tasked Schools to enforce the study of arts in school to bring out the creativity in children. Creativity must be bedrock for whatever we do as individuals. The nation must have a plan on what they intend the nation must be like in some years to come. He said the old generation should be able to transfer what they want to see the country become into the younger generation to make it continue its advancement.

He bemoaned the fact that the nation does not have a national gallery for them to exhibit their works. Art is a universal thing. It is not only about painting for Ghanaians. It is about expressing oneself for people outside our culture to appreciate what we have. Art is like telling a story, and you need an audience. So if there is no audience then how can you tell your story?

The nation needs to have a national gallery where artist can showcase their works. Art is what we use to tell our story, about our culture etc. “A national gallery apart from helping the artist to show his work, you are telling the world that you have a culture. To enter a country that has no culture story, no area to tell what the people look like, what they believe in, what they say or do, I think is outrageous, it is a sacrilege. This nation number one must have an art gallery. He concluded.”

Source: radioxyzonline.com/Patricia Norvisi Gbologah

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