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Reg’n violence: Fear grips Konadu boys

The violence that characterised the just-ended limited voters’ registration exercise in some parts of the country has sent fear into members of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

According to the party founded by Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, former First Lady and wife of the founder of the NDC, the violence is a microcosm of a bigger picture ahead of the November 7 presidential and parliamentary polls.

A statement issued and signed by the Chairman of the Agotime Ziope constituency of the NDP in the Volta Region, I.M. Akumia, stated: “Attempts by executives of the ruling NDC in the constituency to register Togolese nationals were met with stiff opposition from members of the other political parties especially the NPP, a situation that resulted in bloody confrontation.”

“The NDC, as usual, brought people from nearby Togolese villages for more registration at the Wudesi registration centre,” the statement said.

“They were seriously challenged by the opposition party agents there. This brought about some serious arguments and confrontations which led to a heavy fight. The NDC agent is alleged to have pulled out a knife and attacked the NPP agent.

“Through their struggle with the knife, they both got wounded severely before the police came to the scene to arrest the situation. The two agents are currently in police custody aiding in investigations,” the statement noted.

“If knives are used to attack party agents at registration centres, then won’t the cause to worry for one’s life during the November 7 polls be higher?” the party wondered.

“It is imperative that we have free, fair, and transparent elections in our constituency and country as a whole. All parties must adhere to the process. Stop the violence. Stop the abuse of power and let there be peace in Agotime Ziope constituency,” the statement added.

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