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Regulation Of Film Production Receives Boost

The regulation of film production, distribution, exhibition and marketing received a boost with the passage of the Development and Classification of Film Bill, 2016 into an Act by Parliament last Friday.

It also seeks to enforce categorization of films, such as films for children, youth and adults to ensure sanity in the watching of films.The Act provides the legal framework for the development of congenial atmosphere in Ghana as a major film base for local productions and also to make the country a preferred location for international and co-productions between Ghanaian and foreign producers.

National Film Authority

The Act establishes the National Film Authority as a corporate body with perpetual succession and provides for its functions, registration and the licensing of premises.

The authority is to promote the use of films for national development, integration and cohesion and protect the country’s image and identity.

It is also to serve as an arbiter in disputes related to the production, distribution, exhibition and marketing of films and ensure the maintenance of standards for productions.

Film contents

Under the Act, the Film Classification Committee has the sole responsibility to approve the content of a film, a poster or inlay card intended for advertisement of a film before it is displayed after a reasonable period of 21 working days.

The hours for exhibition of films are also yet be determined by the board in consultation with the Classification Committee.

Film Development Fund

The Act provides for the establishment of the Film Development Fund to provide financial support for films that are the central focus of the fund.

The fund is also to offer financial support for short and medium-length feature films, creative documentaries and animated films.

The purpose of the assistance is to facilitate behaviour and attitudinal change of the citizenry.


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