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‘Reject clients who refuse security checks at hotels’

The Eastern Regional Police Commander, DCOP Angwubutuge Awuni, has advised hotel operators to reject clients who refuse security checks on their premises.

He said such measures had become necessary to avert robberies and terrorist attacks following the rising trends of such attacks in some parts of the West African sub-region.

“Don’t be afraid of losing the little monies from clients who refuse security screening. They are dangers to your lifetime investments and you must do all you can to protect your investments from such persons,” he said.

DCOP Awuni, who was addressing hotel owners and operators in Koforidua at the weekend, added that “it is better to lose the money that I will get from one client than losing a whole investment”.

Burkina Faso

A recent terrorist attack on Ghana’s northern neighbour, Burkina Faso, in which about 29 people died, has prompted Ghana’s security forces to be alert.

According to Mr Awuni, “if it happened in Ouagadougou, it could happen in Ghana too”.

The fears of terrorist attacks in the country have further heightened with the presence of the two ex-detainees from Guantanamo Bay in Ghana.

DCOP Awuni also entreated the hotel managers to screen employees thoroughly before hiring them.

“If you are employing, take time and do a little bit of screening of [the prospective] employees, so we don’t pay someone to come and wreak havoc on us,” the police officer said.

The commander also advised operators in the hospitality industry to study the Ghana Tourism Act to guide them in their operations.

He specifically urged them to study Section 35 of the act that contains guidelines to make them stay out of trouble in their respective businesses.

The Eastern Regional Secretary of the hoteliers’ association, Ustaz Yakubu, expressed appreciation for the advice and indicated that members would abide by it.

“It has come at the right time. We all have witnessed what happened in Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria and so if the police have taken it as a duty to sensitise us, we appreciate it,” he stated.

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