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Remove ”Occultic” Books from Educational System

The Ghana Education Service (GES), has directed for the removal of books written by Reverend Vinny Max Bani alleged to contain “occultic” contents from The Educational System. The Public Relations Officer of GES, Reverend Jonathan Bettey, said the Service would not approve books which have no relevance and contain unapproved content for student use.
He was reacting to the recent incident which occurred at the Wesley Girls High School, in which some students were allegedly caught practicing occultism.

Following investigations by the headmistress of the school, some of the students disclosed that one man came to the school to distribute a book written by Rev. Vinny Max Bani titled, “Ministry of Angels and How to Activate Them”.
School Authorities found the books in the bags of some students after a thorough search, which resulted in calls questioning the content of the book and how it will negatively have an impact on the students.

Speaking on the XYZ Breakfast Show, Rev. Bettey said, books that will not benefit students, will never be accepted in any of the institutions. Rev. Bettey explained that, if children are beyond 18 years, The Ghana Education Service has every right to direct and discipline them, since they are under their care. He charged Headmasters and Headmistresses of second cycle institutions to prioritize the welfare of students by making sure they are not introduced to practices, which pose a threat to their future.

“It is a magical book and something that can help you invoke supernatural powers and do so many things abnormally….I can tell you that it is not a book we will recommend for our children’s use”, he stressed.

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