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Rotary Accra Labone Holds Health Screening In La

The Rotary Club of Accra Labone last Saturday brought to a climax a three-day health screening exercise for residents of La in Accra.

Over the three-day period, about 10,000 residents comprising women, men and children were tested for diseases and ailments including HIV, Tuberclosis, Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Children were also vaccinated against Polio, Measles and provided with Vitamin A supplements as well as de-wormed.

Pregnant women who visited the mini-clinic during the screening were provided with mosquito nets while condoms were distributed to the adults at the screening.

The President of the club, Mr Lamtiig Apanga said the event which is in its fourth year aims to provide free health scare services in Accra and its environs.

He said, “The theme is to promote good living in our communities but especially healthy families. We all know that the unit of every community and society is the family, once we have healthy families, obviously it will add up to healthy communities to increase productivity and help all of us to achieve our objectives.

“The selection of venues is done by the national committee and we were fortunate to be assigned Kojo Sardine, other clubs are doing the same things around the country. The emphasis of our screening is the most vulnerable segments of our society, that is why most of the tests are focused on women and children.”

Mr Apanga also expressed gratitude to the Rotary Foundation, USAID and the Ghana Health Service for supporting the project.

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