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Samia – Limited registration: Ivorians registered in Jomoro

The former Member of Parliament for the Jomoro constituency in the Western region has revealed that several Ivorians registered in the just ended limited registration exercise.

According to her, more than 7000 people registered in the Jomoro constituency, a figure she claims was on the high compared to other constituencies across the country.

“Whenever our polling agents called us, we went to see what was happening and indeed we did see a big number of non-Ghanaians,” Samia said in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show.

She alleged that despite the fact that several Jomoro residents live in Ivory Coast, people were bused from the neighboring country to register by the main political parties – NDC and NPP.

“There are some Ivorians who should not be voting in the district of Jomoro because what is the point of demarcating our country into different districts if we can see an influx…like when you see hundreds of people coming in on buses.

“These people coming to register did not know their addresses, they could not say where they were living and in some cases they gave fictitious addresses and in other cases, hundreds of people gave the same address which was non-existent,” Samia said Monday.

The former CPP chairman, however, commended officials of the Electoral Commission for rejecting some of the “foreign” registrants after they detected that they were not Ghanaians.

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