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Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ Is Wack – KK Fosu

Highlife artiste, KK Fosu has described Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ as the worst he has ever done.

Speaking on Happy FM, KK Fosu said the lyrical content of the songs leaves much to be desired. He indicated that though he will not choose M.anifest over Sarkodie on any day, the latter spewed a lot of silly stuffs which is not expected from an artiste of his caliber.

“Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ track is the wackest he’s done. Because I know what he can do. He could do better than this. It was a rush. Some of the lyrics were ‘nonfa’. He’s on top so definitely people will accept it,” he noted. “But if you listen to M.anifest, he never insulted but you feel the heat,” KK Fosu added.

The ‘Am back’ singer who once engaged in a lyrical war with Samini (then Batman) further remarked that apart from the fame, nothing good comes out of artistes dissing each other. “We’ve done it before. It wasn’t productive. Just the fame” he told host, Dr Cann.

Sarkodie on Sunday released ‘Kanta’ as a reply to M.anifest’s ‘god MC’ which some believe was directed at the former following his release of ‘Bossy’ track.

The issue has dominated the media landscape as it is being discussed on even socio-political talk shows.

Source: Abrantepa.com

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