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Shut up or face our wrath – NPP to Awuni

The Upper East Regional executives of the opposition New patriotic Party (NPP), have warned former spokesperson to ex-President John Kufour, Andrew Awuni, to refrain from making negative comments about the presidential candidate of the party, Nana Akuffo Addo.

They also cautioned him to desist from making ignorant statements about internal party matters.

In a statement issued by the Upper East Regional Chairman of the NPP, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, they stated that Andrew Awuni’s divisive tactics were obstructing the NPP’s focus and commitment to working hard to unite the party for victory in 2016.

The group’s statement comes after the party’s National Council rep in the region, issued a similar warning against Mr. Awuni.



The attention of the New Patriotic Party in the Upper East Region has been drawn to very distasteful comments made by Mr. Andrew Awuni about the Presidential Candidate of the party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. He seeks to set a sinister agenda whose aim is to give our candidate a bad name in order to “hang” him. He posits that the NPP shall lose the 2016 election.

It is both ironical and regrettable that party faithful are the ones that would predict doom for the party going into a general elections. The first duty of a person who purports to love the NPP would have been rather to work for the success of the party, instead of being the one to predict its failure. We wish to assure Andrew Awuni and his like, that insha Allah we shall win the 2016 election in order to recue this country from the corrupt and incompetent hands of John Mahama and his family and friends.

Mr. Awuni and his anti-Akufo-Addo friends should know that they are not the wisest people that we have in this party. For them to insult the honour and integrity of all the honorable men and women who make up the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party is disrespectful to say the least. This is a party of rules, structures and institutions. To suggest that one person, in this case Akufo-Addo imposed his wish on all the members of NEC is an insult to the collective wisdom of the people who make up this party. Indeed Nana Addo expressed his heartfelt worry over the suspensions in Sunyani by saying:

“I am saddened that the party has had to resort to suspensions, but I am fortified that our party structures have been shown to work. They have demonstrated that, indeed, the rule of law works in the NPP and that nobody, including myself, is above the Party or its laws. And that is how it should be. Nonetheless, it is important that the Party keeps in constant review the sanctions that have been imposed. And so, we can ask ourselves the question: can those who hold the work of the party’s organs in contempt be said to be true lovers of the party? “

It is important that, any serious political party like the NPP which readies itself to form the next government (to salvage Ghanaians from the current economic hardships) must first instill discipline among its own rank and file. This will assure the public and Ghanaians of the party’s commitment to work with the laws of the land. In fact, it further gives credence to the fact that, the next Nana Addo Government would not shield its appointees in its quest to decisively fight corruption. A canker that has been institutionalised in the current incompetent NDC administration.

Suspension of members is not new in any political party. After the 2004 elections the NDC suspended their General Secretary Dr. Josiah Aryeh for allegedly taking a bribe from the NPP.

The suspension of Chairman Paul A. Afoko is therefore not without precedent. Thus, it is unacceptable and highly absurd for Andrew Awuni to claim that the justifiable indefinite suspension of Chairman Afoko is tantamount to our electoral defeat come November 7, 2016. When the then-Chairman Harouna Esseku was ipso facto suspended from his post, Mr. Awuni was tight lipped regarding Mr. Esseku’s suspension.

We are not surprised by these unguided words coming from Mr. Andrew Awuni because he stated explicitly in Bongo during our National Executive elections in 2014 that, “Anyone who refuses to vote for Afoko is his enemy “. Perhaps this explains his hate speeches targeted at our Flag bearer and other functionaries who do not believe in his unsound and divisive tactics.

Mr. Andrew Awuni’s hatred for Nana Addo reached a crescendo in the 2012 elections when he blatantly refused to contest the 2012 elections in the Bongo Constituency with the aim of not wanting Nana Addo to win the elections. This clearly shows a man who is known for arrogance, a man who incites people against one another. A man who is divisive in nature and has nothing to offer other than to continuously spew garbage.

Currently, Bongo Constituency is sharply divided due to his divisive methods and the Regional Executives are currently working very hard to merge the differences, he should not extend it to the national level else we will match him squarely.

We would like to use this opportunity to remind Mr. Andrew Awuni that, his family house in Bongo, specifically Dua community which is currently a death trap due his negligence needs his attention. His time is best served there than his unguided hate speeches against a man who would surely lead Ghana towards the road of economic recovery and prosperity. Contrary to what Mr. Awuni purports as his motive, it is he who is making our journey to the Flagstaff House difficult.

Ghanaians are discerning enough to see the blatant display of corruption under the Incompetent John Dramani Mahama and we believe Ghanaians are ready for change. The current economic crisis the country is facing, the rising graduate unemployment, high cost of school fees, high cost of utility tariffs, and high cost of fuel prices are enough reasons for Ghanaians to get rid of Mahama. This would be the deciding factor not Afoko or any of the suspended executives.

We want to make it categorically clear to Mr. Andrew Awuni that , the party is very united and solid behind Nana Akufo-Addo and it will suffice for him to know that NPP would win November 2016 elections, NPP is bigger than any individual of which Afoko nor any of the suspended executives are not exceptions.

Long live NPP

Long live Ghana


Mohammed Murtala Ibrahim

(Upper East Regional Chairman, NPP)

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