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Single Parenting Is Not A Curse

Single parenting is the situation where a one parent, shoulders most if not all of the day to day responsibilities for raising a child or children. A mother is more of the primary caregiver in a single parent family structure.

The Resident Pastor, Reverend Osei Yaw Dankwah of Christ Apostolic Church International Family Worship Center, speaking on XYZ Breakfast Show with Kweku Vander- Pallen, He said single parenting is not a curse.

People tend to blame society, for being the cause, when they find themselves being single parents.

He further stated that, both parents can live in a house and still there would be the issue of Single Parenting. It’s either one parent taking care of the children whiles the other lives as if, they don’t exist.

It is either headed by the mother, father or a grandparent. People judge others based on their strength without taking into consideration what they are really going through.

There are unique responsibilities for a man as well as a woman. This affects the children badly, because the single parent has to perform both roles. Single parenting comes as a result of Death, Divorce, Low Finance and Irresponsibility.

Reverend Osei Dankwah said, children who live with single parents mostly end up been over -pampered.

The parent mostly is tempted by society and this leads to over pampering of the child.

This is as a result of the pressure from society and also the irresponsible parent that left the children. This creates perpetual insecurity on the single parent. Later, it is transferred to the children.

The single parent then gets frustrated, overwhelmed and starts to contemplate either to go into another relationship or not.

He further added that single parenting is an issue that has to be dealt with globally. It is about time Churches, Non-Governmental Organizations, Religious bodies and society help in addressing the issue of Single Parenting.

These bodies need to help create the necessary awareness and also help tackle Single Parenting.

The enemy here is the problem and together we must help to fight it. This will help create a great and healthy nation.


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