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Some 650 ex-soldiers demand committee of inquiry to investigate ‘recurring fraud’

Some ex-soldiers who have sued the Ghana Armed Forces over alleged deductions of their gratuity are asking government to set up a committee of inquiry to investigate what they say is recurring fraud in the system.

More than 650 soldiers who retired last year are in court demanding the payment of up to ₵25,000 each, which they say was fraudulently deducted from their gratuity.

The Accra High Court has however adjourned the case to next two weeks.

Joseph Opoku Gakpo was in court and reported the ex-soldiers believe there is some corrupt activity going on at the military high command.

They want those involved in the misappropriations punished.

“They deducted my money and I need the money immediately, my children are crying,” one told Joseph.

Another said “government should make sure that those who took our money should return it so that we don’t cause any mayhem in the country. We need our money. It is a very bitter pill to swallow for someone to work for over 20 years and to be treated this way”.

Although the Finance Ministry has released the full amount, it is the Ghana Armed Froces they are blaming for sitting ont he remaining cash.

Chief of Defence Staff, Rear Admiral Mathew Quashie

Lawyer for the aggrieved ex-soldiers John Kwame Quayson said it is incomprehensible that the GAF will refuse to release monies meant for the ex-soldiers.

“This matter is straight forward, each WO1 was supposed to receive 85,000 cedis and government released the monies. Now the monies have gotten to the leadership of the GAF and they gave each person 60,000. The question is where id the remaining 25,000 cedis?”

“This is not the first time, that has been the culture. The committee should find out where those monies are and if it went into the wrong hands the government should make them pay,” he added.

The deductions in his view are unlawful and everything must be done to apprehend the perpetrators.

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