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Nurses Working On Patients

Some nurses at post despite nationwide strike

Nurses and Midwives at the La General and Ridge Hospitals are at post going about their normal duties despite strike action by the Coalition of Unpaid Nurses and Midwives.

Over 7,000 nurses belonging to the group have announced a nationwide strike effective Wednesday, 03 February 2016, over unpaid salaries and arrears.

But XYZ News’ Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah was at the La General and Ridge Hospital and report that the impact of the strike action was not felt at the two Hospitals. He added that nurses were seen going about their usual routines.

Some of the nurses our reporter spoke with disclosed that, most of the nurses at other departments have reported to work. Dr. Rita Dugan of the Paediatric Centre at the Ridge Hospital confirmed to XYZ News’ Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah that all the nurses have reported to work and are busy with their daily work.

However, the Deputy Director of Nursing Service (DDNS) at the Ridge Hospital declined to make any comments on the issue to our reporter, whiles the DDNS at the La General Hospital knew nothing about the nationwide strike.

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