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Son Calls Police On His Father For Traffic Offence

A young vigilante in Quincy, Massachusetts decided to call the cops on his father after his dad drove through a red light.

Local police posted a recording of the 911 call of the young boy reporting his dad for driving through a red light.

The boy is heard on the recording saying, “Um, daddy went past a red light“. He continued to describe the car the father was driving accurately stating that it was indeed his mother’s car that was used to commit the traffic offence.

Young boy making a call

Young boy making a call (Illustrative Purposes Only)

He has a black truck. He was in a brand-new car, my mummy’s car.

The boy, named only as Robert, was heard telling the 911 dispatcher that father committed the violation on the way to the car wash.

The police dispatcher asks to speak to the boy’s father, who picks up the phone.

Oh, no,” the man says, with an embarrassed laugh. “I apologize.” The police department said the boy was six years old, but his father says on the call he is five.

Quincy Police did not pursue the alleged violation and no ticket was issued. It is not too much to assume that any fine would have been paid out of the boy’s college fund.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ with files yen.com/gh

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