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Speaker urges MPs to step up personal security

Members of Parliament resumed business on the floor of the house Tuesday May 17 with a caution for them to take personal security measures to protect themselves following recent attacks on some lawmakers.

Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, issued the caution when he welcomed the MPs to the second meeting of the year.

“The leadership is extremely concerned about the recent spate of attacks on members of this august house. You will recall that earlier this year we lost a distinguished member of this house through what is suspected to be an armed robbery incident.

“Another incident occurred about a fortnight ago against a member of the leadership. Thankfully, God intervened and his life was spared. We have made the necessary presentation to the security agencies and they are handling the situation.

“The leadership will take whatever reasonable additional steps that [are] necessary to protect and secure its members and staff. I urge honourable members to take all necessary security precautions in their respective homes while the matter is being addressed.”

Mr Adjaho also asked MPs to give priority to the passage of the Right to Information bill.

“Honourable members, we need to give priority to the consideration of the Right to Information bill, which is at the consideration stage. I also urge the leadership of the majority to impress upon honourable Ministers to respect the timetable of the house and respond promptly to invitations to answer parliamentary questions and carry through government business outlined on the agenda of the business in this house relating to their respective Ministries, Departments, and Agencies,” he said.

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