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Suspected Killer, Rapist To Face Trial At High Court

Lucas Agboyie, the man who confessed to killing a seven-year-old girl, after which he had sex with the corpse, will, from October 17, 2016, undergo committal proceedings to enable him to stand trial at the High Court.

A Senior State Attorney, Mrs Francisca Tete-Mensah, who prayed the court for more time, said Agboyie, who has been charged with murder, will face an additional count of defilement.


Following media reports on the case, the A-G’s Department received widespread criticisms for the delay in offering advice on the case.

On September 22, 2016, the District court, presided over by Mr Worlanyo Kotuku, also chastised the A-G’s Department for stalling the committal proceedings due to the delay on its advice and processes that would lead to the commencement of the trial at the High Court.

According to the court, even though the incident took place on April 19, 2015 and Agboyie arraigned on April 23, 2015, the docket was sent to the A-G’s Department for advice in June 2015

At last Monday’s hearing however, the A-G’s Department was fully represented by Mrs Tete-Mensah and Ms Dufie Prempeh.

“The Attorney-General has taken a serious look at the case and I was instructed by the Director of Public Prosecutions, as directed by the A-G, to ensure that the case is promptly dealt with,’’ Mrs Tete-Mensah  stated.

Reason for delay

Answering queries about the delay, Mrs Tete-Mensah explained that due to certain challenges, the docket on the case could not be traced and so the department had to request for another one.

“We have quickly worked on it and we need two weeks to start the committal proceedings for him to stand trial,’’ she said.

The court however asked the department to expeite action on other cases pending befor it or else, “I will discharge all accused persons whose cases have been pending for more than three years at your department. You can bring them back when you get fresh evidence.’’


The facts of the case, as presented by the prosecution, were that on April 19, 2015, a seven-year-old girl was sent by her mother with a GH¢20 note to buy bread.

After waiting for a while without seeing their daughter, her parents became alarmed and sought the help of neighbours to search for her.

“Later, an informant alerted the search party to the fact that he had seen Agboyie pulling the girl into his metal container,” the prosecution said.

Agboyie could however not be found in the container upon a search.

“To their utmost surprise, they found the naked body of the girl lying supine on an old students’ mattress, with blood oozing from her mouth and nostrils,’’ the prosecutor said.

When Agboyie was later apprehended, “he confessed to killing the girl, after which he had sex with the body.”

Agboyie, after threats on his life, mentioned one Baba Ali as the one who had sent him to commit the act.

“When the police confronted him on the identity of his accomplice, Agboyie retracted his earlier statement and said he had acted alone.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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