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Tafo cemetery feud: Six churches, Mosque burnt

Some churches and a mosque have reportedly been attacked in the clashes at old Tafo in Kumasi despite the dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed on the community.

It is unclear the name of the churches involved.

XYZ Ashanti regional correspondent Owahene Addai Munukum,speaking to kweku Vander-Pallen on the XYZ Breakfast show, reports that so far six church buildings and a Mosque have been burnt by the irate youth.

The Old Tafo community has been placed under curfew following clashes between some youth perceived to be Muslims and the traditional authorities in the area.

The locals and traditional authorities are reportedly fighting off attempts by the Muslim youth to fence off the cemetery in the area.

So far one person has been confirmed dead and several others injured in the clashes.

The 30-year-old Suleman was shot by a Police officer as he attempted to break into a bank in the heat of the Wednesday clashes.

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