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Tafo curfew lifted

The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has lifted a two-month-old curfew it imposed on Tafo after bloody clashes between two groups over a cemetery land in February.

The clashes left one person dead and several properties torched.

After months of restricted movement, XYZ Ashanti regional correspondent, Emmanuel Owaohene Addai Munukum confirmed to XYZ Breakfast show Friday April 22 that security agencies are confident that peace and security had been restored to the town.
Resident of Tafo now have free movement in their endeavors.

According to the Chair of the REGSEC, John Alexander Ackon,“Over the period, we have monitored, so, the last thing we did was to [relax] the time from 11pm to 4am, and the report coming from the Metro Security Council to the Regional Security Council is indicative of the fact that there is absolute calm at the place,” he stated.

He said no incident had been recorded during the period of the curfew and expressed gratitude to the residents of Tafo for their compliance.

“Since we imposed the curfew, there has been solid compliance all over. We have not seen any other issue happening and nobody has been arrested as a result,” he said, adding: “So, we even want to thank them for their comportment during this period of the curfew, but for the records, it is lifted and the security agencies are assured of the fact that they do not anticipate anything happening again.”

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