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Tema Police Identifies 77 Flashpoints In Ashaiman

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Ashaiman Constituency, Ernest-Henry Norgbey, said, his unflinching support to the police, to mitigate the increasing number of flashpoints within the constituency, is not in doubt.
According to him, The National Democratic Congress is not thirsty for political power hence The Party, will do its possible best, to help all The Security Agencies within The Constituency, to clamp down on miscreants at all those areas within the Constituency.
His comment comes after The Tema Regional Police Command, identified two hundred and one flashpoints within the Tema Region, with Ashaiman leading the chart with seventy seven flashpoints.
Speaking exclusively to XYZ News’ Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah, he said, gone were the days when, The Constituency was noted for notoriety.
He stressed that, his constituents, has over a decade, moved above such reproach, making the area more viable for trade and commerce to thrive.
He argued that, The Constituency has insulated itself from electoral violence, citing previous elections to buttress his claims. Touching on his campaign expeditions, he said, The Party has begun a mop-up campaign exercise in all the seventeen electoral areas of The Constituency, to whip up people’s interest within the Party. 
The Purchasing Officer cum Politician stressed that, his aim of embarking on such an exercise, is to resonate the achievements of The National Democratic Congress Government, for electorate to realize why the need for the retention of The NDC and President Mahama in power.
Making a profound statement about his Eighty Five Thousand Vote Agenda, he said, The Party, is still committed to achieving that feat regardless of the perceived apathy within The Party in The Ashaiman Constituency.
He again dismissed notions making rounds within the political circles of the constituency that, his mop-up campaign exercise, is not yielding result.
The Parliamentary Hopeful entreated the teeming masses not to supply their energies to political parties to foment troubles.
Source: radioxyxonline.com/Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah.

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