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Thank God it’s Friday with Nat Brew “Amanzeba” on the XYZ Breakfast Show.

His songs depict a rich blend of the Ghanaian and African culture.

A Pan-Africanist by ideology, he believes African arts including music and movies, has the tendency to transform the continent.


Nat Brew aka “Amanzeba” as he is popularly known believes African emancipation hinges on its arts and culture.

“Ordinary people are crafters of extraordinary things. Creative actors and actresses in this area must wake up and understand that they have something. Around the global table, Africa input is a fraction of a percentage. People don’t know that there is a deliberate culture re-colonization of the African continent. When we lose that, then what is our link with our creator…so the focus, the shift right should be on arts and culture. But how prepared is the custodian of culture to position itself to gain economically.” He said.

According to Nat Brew, African artiste have failed the world and whenever there is any international crisis, that affects the African continent the most, it is usually foreign artiste who compose songs to highlight the concerns. “How many artiste don’t we have in the continent…how many musicians don’t we have?” He questioned.


He added, though some artistes from individual countries within the continent have taken the initiative, it was not enough.

“At our level as African artiste, we must lead the crusade in sanitizing the continent. In our part of the world, we the literary people are the least appreciated, so we have to work 200 times harder than the ordinary artiste from anywhere else just to make our point and make people understand that we have no business using arts for anything negative apart from crafting a positive image for humanity.” He reiterated.

Source: Radioxyzonline.com

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