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CSSPS means - Computerised School Selection and Placement System

The Computerized Schools Placement Is Sometimes Unfair

The Computerized Schools Placements system has been a problem facing a lot of Junior High School graduates since its inception. A teenager narrates her ordeal on Teens’ Hour on Radio XYZ 93.1. She narrated how she did better than her mates but was unfortunate not to be admitted in her first choice school.

According to her she believed her grades qualified her to be admitted in the school of her choice but was given her third choice.

Dr. Kinsley Nyarko, speaking to Grace and Mahalia, Hosts of the Teens’ Hour program, explained the system and how it works. According to him, the raw scores of students are what are taken into consideration before schools are given. “They use the raw scores, because it’s possible that several students will get A1 for example then you need to look at the raw scores that in most cases differentiate those who are placed between particular categories.” He added that “someone might get in because of superior raw score”

Speaking on appreciation of whatever class of school given to students, Dr. Kinsley said parents and schools have a big role to play. According to him encouragement from the parents and tutors of these students will go a long way to help them appreciate whatever school they are given. “Parents should encourage their children, motivate them, and not to let the children know or think that because they did not get their first choice schools they are not going to excel.”  He said,

Although he agreed that it’s sometimes unfair, he also added that the students also must have the conscious mind to know that it’s not just about the name of the school but the individual performances. As some students may go to ‘good’ schools and may not do well. He said “it’s not all those who have gotten the opportunity to be in their first choice schools that are going to excel. In fact some students will not get these so called schools but they are more likely to excel over and beyond those who went to some of these schools. It’s your determination to succeed.” He said.

Dr. Kinsley believed that schools that are not regarded by the students must be made to look attractive. In his opinion students must be made to appreciate all schools the same and the way forward is making them attractive. ”our government has to agree with existing schools. They need to bring them to a level of the renowned schools. When this is done they are going to be accepting schools without going through unnecessary anxiety, stress and some of these negative psychological issues.” He said.

The previous system which had problem was to be solved by the new computerized system. The question on the minds of many is whether or not the new system is correcting the defect of the old system. Nevertheless, students must be encouraged at the end of it all to be appreciative of whatever school they are given and encourage themselves to do well wherever they find themselves.

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